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MiriamStall.jpgThe nation of poets and thinkers? Far of it! Whoever publishes a book here, or even writes ironical comments, is living dangerously! A German-Mongolian writer found out this fact. Ever since her book „Kiat Gorina – THE SHAMAN WHO DIDN'T WANT TO BE ONE“ (Kiat Gorina – DIE SCHAMANIN DIE KEINE SEIN WOLLTE) was published – the assassinations and harassments do not stop (Eine deutsche Übersetzung gibt es HIER).

MiriamVergiftet.jpgShe lives half a mile shy of a small village. She was threatened by men for many times. Her young female donkey died torturously. The donkey was poisoned in its stable. There was an attempted rape, an attempted fire raising too. She knows the names of the attackers, she took a note of the license numbers, however the Office of the Public Prosecution could not identify the aggressors.

A house search was arranged by the police. They approached her – four at once – and threatened the use of force! They searched through her property and photographed really everything. Why? Until today she does not know .

Then the first book reading was to take place. The dean of the Protestant Church intervented: he banned her from entering the church building although the room was not under his jurisdiction. And he banned her from entering other church facilities in the Windsbach community. Including the church itself. But why?

The book deals with her childhood and youth in the mongolian steppe. It was already been used as mandatory literature in a german course at a secondary school.

The authorities in the District of Ansbach apperently want to be rid of the author. The District Office is requiring that she complies completely irrational requests.   But she still refuses to  give up her farm. Now  the government is going to force her  to use deadly drinking water! Unbelievable – but true!

How that? Her farm has its own well. However there is a huge pipe for hydrant water. It runs from the village to her farm.

Therein are thousands of liters of water for ten years now. There are always germs in water, like Legionella and Pseudomonades. They are increasing exponentially and they are deadly!

That is why health authorities warn against drinking water that has stood for longer than four hours in the pipes. It is unsafe for human use.

Not this Ansbach district office: If the author does not voluntarily use the deadly water, she will have to pay a hefty fine. Why don't they just burn her on the stake?

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aber pass auf das es nicht zu schwer wird, das wächst nämlich noch ein stückchen ! ^^
ach deswegen hat das so geschnurrt hier ! * noch ein steak brat und der wölfin auf die schulter werf *
<br /> <br /> Das ist lieb von dir <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
ertappt ! ^^ * die tür aufklapp,steak vor die tür leg und tür wieder zuklapp *
<br /> <br /> Da hat der Zauberkater Murrli sich in die Tür geschmuggelt und ist mit dem Steak weggeflogen. Heute früh sah ich ihn auf seiner persönlichen Veranda - schnabulierend <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
i don´t know why she mean that you must drink that poisioned water, but i know that you´re alright here on this great blue planet, dear lovly little shaman kiat ! don´t give up my dear ! the<br /> persons they made this are very unlikely and very bad for me. i mean it is a very bad idea to put a wellgiftet shaman like you on a stake and set it on fire, but they must tray the consequences of<br /> they´ve done, not you or i ! I think they want your farm and you´re in the way of them ! I DON´T THINK SO !<br /> <br /> ( ^^ i never ever was the writer of this coment ! ^^ )<br /> <br /> lovly regards from the little flowershaman flora<br /> <br /> <br /> deutsche übersetzung : ich weiss nicht warum sie meinten das du dieses vergiftete wasser trinken musst, aber ich weiss das du hier auf diesem grossen blauen planeten richtig bist, meine liebe<br /> kleine schamanin kiat ! gib nicht auf meine liebe ! die personen die das taten sind für mich sehr unbeliebt und böse. es ist eine sehr schlechte idee, eine so begabte schamanin wie dich auf den<br /> scheiterhaufen zu werfen und ihn anzuzünden, aber weder du noch ich müßen mit den konsequenzen leben sondern die täter. ich denke die wollen deinen hof noch immer und du stehst ihnen im weg !<br /> <br /> ICH DENKE NICHT SO WIE SIE ES TUN !<br /> <br /> ( ^^ ich habe niemals diesen kommentar geschrieben, ne ne ne ! ^^ )<br /> <br /> liebe grüsse von der kleinen blumenschamanin flora
<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />

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